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1.    Applicable law, customer position, contract content

The purpose of the contract is exclusively the rental of a FIAT Ducato, Peugeot Boxer or Citroen Jumper with the layout of the cargo space. A lease agreement is concluded between the landlord and the tenant. The law in force in the Kingdom of Belgium is the only one applicable. The provisions of this contract apply in the first place, supplemented by the legal provisions governing the rental. The rental vehicles are rented exclusively for private purposes, for example for holiday trips, to participate in sporting or other events. Commercial use, unusual driving behaviour (even repeated round trip) or use for a move is prohibited. The leaseholder is authorized to terminate the lease without notice for serious reasons in the event of a breach of terms, subject to any claim for damages. The tenant uses the vehicle under his own responsibility and organizes his own journey.

All agreements between the landlord and the tenant must be written down. The rental agreement also includes the protocol of care and return to be completed and signed by the tenant and the renter. In case of rental by several tenants, they are jointly responsible.

2.    Price

The rental price corresponds to the transfer of the vehicle for the rental period specified in the rental agreement. The costs of maintenance and repair of parts subject to wear and tear as well as the agreed insurance are also covered. Prices published on  at the time of signing the contract include Belgian VAT (21%).

Tolls, fuel costs, parking, camping and other garage or transportation costs such as (crossing costs) are not included in the rental price. Penalties or fines are also at the tenant’s expense.

Yuki House SRL charges EUR 50.00 per warrant for processing fines, speed cameras and parking tickets.

All kilometers travelled by the tenant with the rental vehicle are included in the daily rental price, unless otherwise agreed and if no unusual driving behaviour is found. If the renter has doubts about the purpose of the tenancy and abuse is subsequently found, the tenant is liable for compensation.

Special discounts (promotions, offers for employees or trade shows) cannot be combined with other discounts, such as long-term rentals or early bookings.

3.    Reservation

By sending the completed booking form, the tenant submits a firm offer to sign the rental agreement and accepts the terms and conditions of Yuki House SRL through a consent procedure during the booking process.

The tenant receives for information a notification on thebooking page as well as anautomatic direct e-mail (Instant Mail) from Yuki House regarding the receipt of the booking request. The rental booking is accepted by the rental company (the conclusion of the contract) and the rental vehicle is considered firmly booked only after receiving the written booking confirmation (bye-mail) actively sent by Yuki House.

If the balance is not paid on time, the time of the final cancellation of the booking is decided at the discretion of the renter.

4.    Rental period

The rental period extends from the time of the agreed support of the vehicle until its final return. The vehicle must be returned at  the specified time in the rental agreement. Amargin of one hour before and after the specified time is allocated  without penalty. If the previous condition is not met, each  difference of more than one hour between the actual time of return and the one specified in the rental contract will be charged EUR 50 per hour. If the excess of the planned rental period hinders a new rental of the vehicle, the tenant is also liable for compensation for the damages suffered (e.g. loss of earnings).

The return time in the tenancy agreement may be changed subject to the tenant obtaining a written agreement with a written agreement from Yuki House SRL.

The minimum rental period at Yuki House SRL is 2 days all year round.

5.    Cancelation

If the tenant cancels the sales contract, the following conditions apply:

  • In case of cancellation 60 days or more before the first day of rental, the tenant can cancel the contract without charge.
  • From 59 to 15 days before the start of the rental period, 50% of the total rental price is due (the down payment will be withheld).
  • In the event of cancellation 14 to 0 days before the first day of the rental, the full amount of the rental, including the extras, must be paid 100% to Yuki House. The amount of compensation to which the rental car is entitled in case the vehicle is not taken care of is 100% of the rental price due.

Once the cancellation request has been made, the tenant waives the purchase of the vehicle for the period originally planned and refuses to object to Yuki House’s re-renting of the vehicle from other customers.

If the renter suffers damage as a result of a delay in the return of the vehicle (e.g., loss of earnings, rights to damages from the next tenant, organization costs, etc.), he reserves the right to assert these rights against the tenant.

If the rental vehicle is returned before the agreed return date, the rental price in the rental agreement must be paid in full. The rental company does not agree in principle to automatically convert the rental of the vehicle into a continuous rental for an indeterminate period.

Equipment already booked cannot be cancelled separately from the booking. Costs related to equipment such as the bike rack or portable toilets are not reimbursed in case of cancellation.

6.    How to pay and deposit

After a firm reservation (i.e. after the tenant has received the rental email), 50% of the rental price must be paid within 3  days (down payment). The remaining 50% of the rental price must be paid no later than 30 days before departure (total settlement). At the beginning of the rental period, a deposit of 1000.00 euros must be paid by credit card or bank transfer as a guarantee for the return of the vehicle clean and in good condition. The deposit will be certified to the tenant on the form of the tenancy agreement. The vehicle will not be given to the tenant without the deposit. The leaseholder is authorized to terminate the lease without notice for serious reasons in the event of a delay in the payment of the surety, part or all of the payment, subject to any claim for damages. When the vehicle is handed over at the beginning of the rental period, any damage to the vehicle will be found in writing and handed over to the tenant. If the vehicle is returned in the conditions provided in good condition, with the exception of the damage listed in the condition of the premises, the deposit will be refunded in full within 14 days after the end of the rental period. The tenant is not relieved of his responsibility for the hidden defects or damages discovered later by the renter. The general legal provisions apply.

7.    Support and return of rental vehicle

The vehicle must be taken care of at the location defined in the rental agreement by the tenant at the agreed time.

In some cases, bike racks may be mounted on the rented vehicle – although they were not specifically reserved by the tenant – to ensure the rental runs smoothly. The renter is not required to disassemble the bike rack. For ferry reservations, the length of the vehicle listed on the website applies (up to 6 meters in length).

The tenant is required to return the vehicle at the end of the rental period at the place and time set out in the tenancy agreement. The vehicle must be returned with full. If the last point is not met, Yuki House will fill any unfilled tank. This additional charge for Yuki House will be charged using the following method:

  • Fuel full level between 75% and 99%: EUR 40
  • Fuel full level between 50% and 74%: EUR 80
  • Fuel full level between 25% and 49%: EUR 120
  • Fuel full level between 0% and 24%: EUR 160

This amount can be deducted directly from the deposit.

The tenant must return the rental vehicle to the renter after cleaning the interior (as at the time of pick-up). The renter takes care of cleaning the interior and exterior and receives compensation from the rental package. Significant dirt, such as on cushions, ceilings or interior walls, will be deducted from the deposit based on cleaning costs incurred. If the exterior of the vehicle is very dirty (e.g. mud), the cleaning costs from the outside will be deducted from the deposit. If the rental vehicle is not rendered in a satisfactory state of cleanliness inside (broom, vacuum cleaner and wiping), an additional cleaning fee of 100 euros will be charged and deducted from the deposit.

Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited. If the ban on smoking in the rental vehicle is not respected, 500.00 euros will be retained on the deposit to compensate for the loss of value and to carry out professional treatment of smoke residues.

8.    Licensed drivers of the vehicle

Yuki House vehicles can be driven by drivers who have been licensed for at least three years and are at least 23 years old at the time of the rental. The principal tenant and all drivers must be in possession of a valid Class 3 or B driver’s licence and all must be named at the time of delivery of the vehicle. The principal tenant and all drivers are written into the rental agreement and must present their original driver’s licence to the rental company when the vehicle is handed over. Copies are not accepted. The vehicle can only be driven by the tenant himself and the drivers listed in the rental agreement. The tenant of the vehicle is responsible for the agreed rental period. The tenant is prohibited from using the vehicle to participate in sporting events and vehicle tests, to transport explosive substances, which are easily flammable, toxic, radioactive or otherwise dangerous. It is also prohibited to use it to commit customs or other criminal offences, even if they are punishable only under the law of the crime, for subletting, lending or other commercial purposes – unless explicit contractual agreement – or for other uses beyond the intended contractual use.

9.    Duty of care and diligence

The tenant is obliged to strictly respect the instructions of the vehicle as well as all the equipment installed and others. The tenant must handle the vehicle carefully and comply with all applicable regulations and technical rules, as well as lock the vehicle properly and protect it from theft. In particular, the tenant undertakes to comply with the traffic code in force in the countries concerned. The vehicle can only be used in European Union countries as well as in Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Andorra, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Switzerland. The destination and countries to be travelled must be indicated in writing to the rental company before departure. Trips to Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia and all othernon-EU countries located in geographical Europe are excluded. It is permissible to drive with a gas cylinder only if it is secure or unlocked.

Insurance does not cover damage caused to the vehicle by ferry or train transport. Allcosts related to damages incurred during the respective transport are borne by the tenant. The tenant is required to inform the landlord of the damage caused by the ferry or any other means of transport. A total loss of the vehicle as a result of its destruction is covered by the rental company’s insurance.

The tenant and other travellers are responsible for complying with regulations on foreign currency, health, tolls, passports, visas, traffic and customs. All the potential costs and inconveniences that may result from non-compliance are borne by these individuals.

Pets may only be transported if a request has been made to Yuki House in advance and the result is acceptance. Renting it allows itself to modify the fabrics covering the benches as well as the bed sheets so that they no longer match those of the advertisement. Yuki House’s acceptance of a pet does not dent the renter’s duty of care and diligence described above. For any brand of scratches and dirt that is particularly marked by the transport of an animal, the renter also reserves the right to charge the tenant for the corresponding loss of value of the vehicle as well as the cleaning costs. If a pet is found to be transported without his knowledge, the last renter will demand compensation of EUR 1000 as compensation.

10. Insurance

The rental vehicle is covered by insurance. The rental vehicle is insured against civil liability and all risks.

Liability insurance insures an amount of 100 million euros. The tenant’s deductible for all-risk insurance is 2000  euros  per occurrence. The reduction of liability or deductible is limited exclusively to damages  in the event of  a collision  or impact  caused by the insured to his own vehicle and only to the extent that there is no breach of duty or gross negligence. In the latter case, the total amount of the remaining  damages is also borne by the tenant. Damage to the interior of the vehicle is not covered by insurance and must be covered 100% by the tenant.

The limitations of liability mentioned above also do not apply to damage caused by improper use, intentional use or gross negligence (e.g., alcohol or drug use), failure to respect the width and height of passage, because of vehicle loading, overload (exceeding the total permitted weight) or overheating of the engine or too low a levelofoil orwater. This also includes driving on unpaved or rough roads. The resulting damage is entirely at the tenant’s expense.

11. Repairs and maintenance

Maintenance costs, such as the fuel of the rented vehicle, are the responsibility of the tenant during the agreed tenancy period. The costs of the prescribed maintenance services and the necessary repairs oftheparts subject towear and tear are borne by the renter. The necessary repairs to ensure the safety of the vehicle in operation or in circulation can only be carried out by the tenant with the agreement of the renter during the tenancy period. Repair costs are borne by the renter upon presentation of the corresponding documentation, unless the tenant is responsible for the damage.

12. Tenant’s responsibility

The tenant is required to return the vehicle in good condition and in accordance with the contract on time. Otherwise, the costs associated with the continuation of the tenancy and the possible transport for the return are the responsibility of the tenant. The rental vehicle can only be used for the agreed purposes. The rented vehicle cannot be handed over to third parties. Should this happen, the tenant is responsible for any damage that may result. In case of rental by several tenants, they are jointly responsible. In the event of an accident or loss of the vehicle, the tenant is liable for the damage suffered – to the extent that the insurance policy underwritten applies, up to the agreed deductible – if he (or the driver) is responsible or co-responsible for the accident or loss.

However, the tenant is liable without limitation of damages if the insurer does not pay, especially in case the tenant (or driver) caused the damage intentionally or by gross negligence. The tenant is also liable for damage caused by the inability to drive due to alcohol or drug use or if the tenant does not have the accident, fire, theft, damage caused by wild animals or other animals or if the tenant (or driver) does not have a valid driver’s licence or is not authorized to use it. The same goes for the damage caused by the non-compliance with thepassing height sign. If the tenant has committed a hit-and-run, violated his obligations or handed the vehicle over to an unauthorized third party, he also bearsfull responsibility, unless the violation has no influence on the treatment of the damage (particularly on the part of the insurer). The tenant bearsfull responsibility for anydamage caused by the use of the vehicle for prohibited purposes or by mishandling. The purpose of the rental of the vehicle must be communicated to the renter when handing over the vehicle (holidays, car travel). All persons accompanying the tenant during the rental period must be reported to the renter. If there is any doubt about the veracity of the object and the number of passengers, the renter reserves the right not to hand over the vehicle. If the tenant does not comply with theintended use or carries more people than agreed, he is responsible for the resulting damage. The tenant is responsible for the damage caused to the engine by poor control of the oil and cooling water level. The tenant is required to check the oil level, the cooling water level and the pressure and condition of the tires before and during the trip. Missing equipment and interiors damaged by the tenant must be completely replaced. If, ignoring the warnings, a vehicle breaks down and causes additional damage, the tenant is solely responsible and must cover the costs. Yuki House  quantifies and settles damages based on a quote provided by a licensed garage. A file fee of 50 euros will be charged for the management of any damage of any kind that occurred during the rental period to be carried out by Yuki House SRL.

The premature return of vehicles rented on or near the site (whether it is a public or private area) is done at the risk of the tenant! Yuki House SRL assumes no liability for damages that occur until the agreed end of the rental period.

Yuki House SRL charges a file fee of up to 30 euros for the treatment of any violation of the Highway Traffic Act committed by the tenant (e.g. speeding, unauthorized parking).

In the event of a loss of the grey card, Yuki House SRL charges an amount of 2,50euros.

Where possible, Yuki House endeavours to provide the tenant with a replacement vehicle, if available, in case of damage or garage care during the current rental period. Days lost in the garage or in case of leave due to damage during the rental period will not be refunded to the tenant.

13. Responsibility of the renter

The rental company must make the vehicle available at the time of the rental. If, for any reason, the leased vehicle is not available at the beginning of the trip, the renter will provide a replacement vehicle. If this is not possible, the landlord will reimburse the payments made to the tenant. The tenant has no other rights to damages on the part of the landlord. If the tenant forgets objects when the vehicle is returned, the renter is only obliged to keep them to the reasonable extent and the tenant is obliged to pay the corresponding costs.

If private vehicles are parked on or near the Yuki House site, Yuki House SRL disclaims any liability in the event of damage or theft.

14. Tolls

The tenant is responsible for all tolls incurred – either on-site or by bank transfer in advance. Thetenant undertakes to inquire in advance about the terms oftoll andpayment. In the event of non-compliance, we charge a processing fee of 30 euros for each payment request.

15. Accidents and damage

In the event of damage to the vehicle during the rental period, the tenant is required to inform Yuki House  immediately and in writing of all details of the event that caused the damage to the vehicle. For this purpose, the tenant must complete the European accident report form in the glove compartment of the vehicle documents in its entirety, with veracity and care.

If the tenant does not comply with this obligation, the renter reserves the right to charge a contractual penalty of 1,000 euros.

After an accident, fire, theft or damage caused by game or other damage, the tenant must also inform the local police immediately. This also applies to accidents for which the customer is responsible withouttheintervention of third parties. If the tenant does not have the damage found by the police, he is fully liable for the financial damage that results for the renter. Any other requirements will not be recognized. The tenant must immediately inform the landlord by telephone of the incident, even in the event of minor damage, and write a detailed written report. In particular, the report must contain the names and addresses of those involved and potential witnesses, as well as the registration numbers and insurance data of the vehicles involved. Apart from the standardised European statement, no documents relating to the accident can be signed. Damage due to wear and tear is borne by the renter only if it is not caused by improper use by the tenant. If damage is found along the way, the renter should be notified immediately in writing. If repair is required, the vehicle must be stopped immediately before further damage can occur. The continuation of the journey, even to the nearest garage, is only allowed with the prior approval of the renter. This does not apply if the nature of the damage excludes consecutive damage.

In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the vehicle (e.g. ignition of the engine light, puncture of the tires), the roadside assistance service should be contacted beforehand via the dedicated number.

If the tenant brings or has the vehicle transported to a garage, the renter must be immediately informed, during business hours and before ordering repairs to the garage, the duration and costs of the repair. The tenant is requiredtowait for consent to repairs. The renter only pays for the repair costs if it has been approved by him beforehand and only on presentation of the corresponding documentation. The exact address of the garage must be communicated to the rental company without delay. In the event of damage to a vehicle exceeding a limit of 100.00  euros  (minor damage), the tenant must also immediately send a statement to the renter by e-mail indicating the cause of the damage and a description.

In the event of an accident with another party, the surety, including the deductible owed by the tenant, will be retained or claimed by the landlord until the issue of guilt has been fully clarified.

Tire damage: Damage to tires during the rental period is the landlord’s responsibility, unless it can be proven that it was caused prior to the vehicle’s handling or a corresponding reduction in liability has been reserved with Yuki House. The possible costs of towing or mounting the tires are not the responsibility of the tenant in the limits where the assistance company does not charge any additional costs. Equipment costs, such as tires, must be paid by the tenant. The tenant cannot mount the spare wheel himself. Only a towing or troubleshooting service is allowed.

Shards caused by pebbles on the windows: Shards in the windows are repaired or replaced depending on locationand dimensions. The costs are borne by the tenant within the limit of the deductible for which he has opted.

Incorrect water tank filling: Rule for incorrect filling of water and diesel fuel tanks: The water system cannot be cleaned if the tank has been improperly filled with diesel fuel. It needs to be completely replaced. This applies to tanks, radiators, pumps, faucets and pipes. All costs are borne by the tenant. The tenant is also responsible for the damage to the vehicle and its accessories.

In order to reduce the potential damage, the tenant is required to clarify beforehand with the renter whether the insurance coverageconcluded entitles him to benefits such as hotel accommodation, replacement vehicle (private car), removal of the vehicle, return by train, etc. If these services are sufficient, they can relieve the renter.

Yuki House only guarantees that the services covered, all other costs are the responsibility of the tenant.

16. Storage of personal data

The renter has the right to record and process data about the taker collected as part of the commercial relationship in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, even if it was provided by third parties.

17. Prohibition of transfer

The transfer of the debts of the lease to third parties, such as spouses or other travel companions, is excluded. The same applies to the claim of other rights in his own name.

18. Competent Court

All disputes arising from this contract will be tried before the Belgian court.